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Nashville has a new sheriff in town, and it's not country, it's rap. Formerly known for his work with hip hop group Last of the Horsemen, kidDEAD has taken new ground with ferociously gentle word-plays combined with concise heartfelt lyrics. The spokesman of the city's fastest growing hip hop posse, #RAPCLUB, is hitting the scene hard with his first official full length studio album entitled, Rap and Destroy. Produced by The Phantom Farmer and recorded at The Green Lodge, Rap and Destroy features joint efforts by rappers Sole (Sole & the Skyrider Band/Fake Four Records), Brzowski (Milled Pavement), Zac HB, and Erin Rae along with Invisible Library label mates Spoken Nerd and Brandon Brains. kidDEAD doesn't just write raps, he writes soul songs that follow a track in and out of the ears, making stops at all the right stations in your mind. With a wide range of influences from Say Anything to Outkast to Aesop Rock, kidDEAD is poised and ready to push his way onto your iPod and stay there

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