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Kicking off KidDEAD Cut The Kite String 2017 Tour

2017 Cut The Kite String Tour Destinations

Nashville, Tennessee- October 11th marks the kick-off of KidDEAD’s official tour “Cut the Tour String” supporting his latest album. Local Nashville Hip Hop artist, KidDEAD, embarks on this tour in the wake of the release of his sophomore album “Cut the Kite String”. This latest album is a departure from his first solo endeavor “Rap and Destroy” which focused topically on pain, hope, and the freedom to find your passions. “Cut the Kite String” tackles hard-hitting topics such as loss, addiction, and inequality. This record is deeply personal; a stirring account of a young man grappling with multiple deaths in his inner circle and finding a path through the darkness. The discography is rich with collaborative storytelling, featuring percussive, heart-wrenching raps dealt by Ceschi, staccato beats of Darko the Super, and the thick smooth baritones of iAlive. Together, the album is a mature piece of art by the Tallahassee-native. “Cut the Tour String” kicks off in Nashville, and will hit Asheville, Richmond, Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Albany, Mechanicville, Brooklyn, Beach Haven, and finish in Cincinnati. Coinciding with the tour, KidDEAD is slated to release the music video for the title track of the album on Monday, October 2nd, which is guaranteed to provoke controversy and discussion; you won’t want to miss it.

The co-headlining act for the “Cut the Tour String” kickoff, Dope Knife, is a founding member of Savannah, Georgia’s Hip Hop Collective “Dope Sandwich”. This collective is characterized by its commitment to cultivating unsettling tones, coupled with traditional beats and fresh lyrics. Nestled in an East Nashville industrial space, the venue for the opening show will be the Southern Demon Herd Label’s flagship space dubbed “The Demon Den”. We hope to see you at the KidDEAD tour kick-off Wednesday, October 11th at the Demon Den, 1015 W. Kirkland Ave., Nashville, Tennessee 37216-3019. $5 admission. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. CST. Show begins at 9:00 p.m. CST.

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