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Intergalactic Costume Party

Nashville Tn, October 27th, come join Waterchild, Space Cadet, Moodsmith, XYON, Mama Would Be Proud and Zguurd at the Demon Den for an evening of intergalactic tunes, costumes and art.

Electronic selections ranging from trip hop to ambient will feature:

-Waterchild traveling through harmonic beat driven sonic landscapes

-The Space Cadet channeling a downtempo voyage through science and madness

-Moodsmith elevating the soul with vocal flare and synthy goodness

-XYON rhyming messages of hope over poetic grooves

- Mama Would Be Proud, a psychedelic ensemble singing transcendental lullabies

-Zguurd dreaming up slofi hiphop to drift off too

The evening will also feature live visual projections by The Southern Demon Heard and curated art installations by Metanoia Art. Fire spinners and flow dancers permitted and encouraged! Be sure to dress for the occasion in your finest masquerade attire. We will have a photo booth!

1511 West Kirkland Ave.


Friday 10/27

Waterchild || Photographed by Pocketdharma

Moodsmith || Photographed by Pocketdharma

#party #downtempohalloweenlofitsdhnashville

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