Friends-giving of Sorts:: With Deli and BEAR BEAR

On an otherwise unsuspecting Monday night, around 50 fine folks showed up for a show, but were instead treated to an auditory, visually and gastronomically delicious Friends-giving Feast at the East Room in Nashville. Eager patrons plated up succulent turkey and ham paired with sides boasting with flavor all whipped together by the intrepid Justin Blauw and Dusty Evans. If you’re wondering what their secret ingredient was to making the perfect gravy, here’s a spoiler alert: butter.

Diatom Deli taken by Sam Pita

Opener Diatom Deli captivated the audience with her ethereal voice and thoughtful, intimate lyrics, as projected dreamscapes created by Marcus Sisk danced on the big screen behind her. With bellies happily stuffed, the sounds and visuals transported all of us to an other-worldly place where everything is going to be okay. How precious in 2017.

Bear Bear taken by Sam Pita

Headliner BEAR BEAR arrived on the stage full of charm and tryptophan jokes. Flanked with a band, and tight harmonies, his 40 minute set of original songs had the crowd swaying along. The vibrant Whoa Dakota also made a guest appearance on stage lending her strong vocals to one of my personal favorites, No Wonder. And just when we thought it couldn’t get better, BEAR BEAR gifted us with a cover of Shania Twain’s Still the One, because, let’s be honest, that classic will never get old. All in all, every detail of the evening felt deliberate and resulted in an atmosphere rich with fellowship and talent. Truly a night well spent.

Review by Golriz Lucina Gundry

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